篇1 梦想英语作文

  I want to be a teacher in the future, because I think

  teacher is a good job. My teachers are very good. Some of them are gentle, but some of them are not. But I think they all care for students very much. I want to be a good

  teacher like them. I think I will be strict to my students in the class. But after class, I want to be their friend and help them in study and life. Besides, it can help me to keep a

  young heart to stay with young students. I must work hard for my dream.


篇2 梦想英语作文

  Everyone has his dream. My dream is to be a doctor. When I was in Grade seven I was sick and often went to see doctors. The doctor were very friend to me and they often cheered me up. With the help of them I was getting better. Now Im very healthy. Since then I have hoped to become a doctor. I will study hard to get more knowledge in order to achieve my dream. Ill give my love to the patients as much as possible and help them out of danger.

  To be a doctor is really great. I think my dream will come true one day.



篇3 梦想英语作文

  I have many dreams, such as I am rich in the future. Therefore, I can buy all what I want. But my greatest dream is that I want to be an astronaut. Our country develops fast and our space make great progress in the last several

  decades. It has great achievements. All of our country are proud of it. Therefore, I want to be one of this amazing area. In order to make my dream come true, I must work hard now. So that I can go to a good university to learn

  more knowledge. I hope my dream can come true one day.


篇4 梦想英语作文

  I want to be a scientist in the future. This is my dream. I must work hard for it. Scientists make great contribution to our society. We have TV, computer, train, plane, planet and many other things because of the hard work of

  scientists. So I want to be a great person as they are. I want to become an aerospace scientist, because I am

  interested in the outer space very much. The outer space is wonderful and amazing. It must be great if I can be a scientist of this field.


篇5 梦想英语作文

  As we all knoweverybody had his/her own dream.

  Some dreamed to be a scientistothers had the dream becoming a star or even a president. HoweverI was dreaming to be a teacher when I was a little young boy. As far as I knewteachers were respected by people and they also had a high state of society as well as a farewell salary. Teachers were an honored career although they were hard working.

  All in all I dreamed to be a teacher no matter what problem I met and how difficult the situation was.