May Day英语作文

  在日常学习、工作或生活中,大家或多或少都会接触过作文吧,作文是从内部言语向外部言语的过渡,即从经过压缩的简要的、自己能明白的语言,向开展的、具有规范语法结构的、能为他人所理解的.外部语言形式的转化。你知道作文怎样才能写的好吗?以下是小编精心整理的May Day英语作文,欢迎大家分享。

May Day英语作文

  May first is a Sunday. And it is the Labor"s Day. My mother said to me :“Open your eyes!And look out of the window. What a fine day! Let"s go to park,” So my mother, my classmate and I went to the park. We took some foods in my schoolbag. On the way to the park. I saw the blue sky with snow-white clouds. I saw pear trees and some apple trees and so on. Below the trees, there are several kinds of flowers. It"s colorful, blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange and white. I saw some balloons and butterflies in the sky. I ate popcorn, cornflakes, banana and lollipop. They were wonderful.

  In the afternoon, we went to the zoo. I visited the birds, mice, cats, dogs, budgies, hamsters, rabbits and so on.

  May Day is my favorite day!